I enjoy working on complex problems and creating elegant solutions. I am a fast learner, and take it upon myself to learn new concepts and work on personal projects in order to expand my knowledge.

Work Experience

Biotronik / MSEI Lake Oswego, Oregon (March 2018 - Present)

  • Design mobile applications which communicate with implantable devices
    • Written in C# using Xamarin

Steelcase Portland, Oregon (July 2016 - December 2016)

  • Developed modular firmware testing system from the ground up
    • Written in C#.NET and C
    • Makes use of the HIL(Hardware in the Loop) technique
    • Built to be able to test a variety of different devices
  • Participated in meetings, reviews, and planning sessions

Biotronik / MSEI Lake Oswego, Oregon (March 2015 - September 2015)

  • Worked on a compilation of project-management tools used by developers
    • Written in C#.NET with a UI implemented in WPF
    • Reworked the test management system
    • Recreated the review management system
  • Collaborated with the users of the system in meetings and discussions

Metratek (for Welch Allyn) Beaverton, Oregon (June 2014 - September 2014)

  • Worked on an automated testing program for testing an ECG unit
  • Ported code from a VB .NET project to a new C# project
  • Participated in project meetings and code reviews

Personal Projects

MangoByte View Source

  • A bot written in Python for a voice and chat application called Discord
  • 53 unique commands, including:
    • Create discord embed objects to show usage data
    • Link users to their Steam accounts
    • Use PIL to create a GIF from the JSON data of a Dota 2 match
  • Connects to voice channels to act as a soundboard, introduce people joining the channel, and for text-to-speech

Low-Poly Earth View Source

  • A 3D rendering of the Earth, using a relatively small number of polygons
  • Rendered using THREE.js / WebGL, and made to work on mobile and desktop
  • Built using elevation data from the Google Maps API
  • Easily configurable from a pop-out menu
  • Bundled via Webpack